International Packaging and Equipment Manufacturer

Situation and Challenge

  • Competition in all geographies and all packaging product sectors was intense and increasing
  • The company management asked Blue Ridge Partners to conduct a thorough evaluation of the sales function and their key distribution channels and recommend how to revitalize them on the face of the increased competition


  • Using our The Nine Voices of the Market® methodology we conducted research with customers, lost customers, prospects, distributors, competitors sales force, and other key stakeholders to understand the company’s position in the market and their perceptions of sales force and distributor performance
  • Gathered and analyzed internal financial and sales performance data to measure the company’s effectiveness in identifying and adding new customers and penetrating existing accounts
  • Used our 100 Behaviors of High Performing Revenue EnginesTM tool to compare the company’s sales function activities to optimum behaviors required to drive effective sales and revenue growth
  • Followed our Skill / Will structured to evaluate the sales force’s skill and will to sell the company’s products and analyzed the metrics used to manage and measure sales performance
  • Identified significant opportunities to improve the sales force’s productivity and counter competitors.
  • Developed a phased implementation program with detailed action steps required for the sales transformation


  • After successful implementation the transformation program is expanding in to countries outside the US

Our Approach

Example Findings

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