Outsourced Clinical Services

Situation and Challenge

  • The firm identified an untapped growth opportunity in cross-selling more of their portfolio to hospital C-suites via a new account management-driven sales model
  • Blue Ridge Partners was asked to validate the new account management model, identify any gaps, and work with the company to address the gaps to ensure a smooth implementation process


  • Interviewed internal and external stakeholders to understand drivers and principles behind the new model
  • Conducted secondary research to deepen insight into sales force best practices and character attributes of successful account managers
  • Assessed the sales model against 11 Components of Successful Sales ModelsTMand identified six areas that required attention
  • Identified and designed improvements to the new model, including –
    • Detailed implementation plan, including key activities and timing as well as recommended structure for rollout of new model
    • Predictive metrics that management should implement and track, given a longer sales cycle, to monitor progress along the entire sales pipeline (i.e. from lead gen to closed deal)
    • A “dashboard” for management to track critical metrics along the sales pipeline, along with regular internal sales meetings to discuss metrics, pipeline, and account targeting


  • The following year, organic growth increased by 60% largely due to increased cross-selling efforts

Sales Model Evaluation – 11 Components

Sales Activity Tracking Dashboards

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