Sporting Goods Manufacturer


Situation and Challenge

  • The company had experienced declining sales and increasing competition
  • Management asked Blue Ridge Partners to identify and prioritize the most attractive growth opportunities and build action plans for returning the company to profitable growth


  • Based on our The Nine Voices of the Market®interviews and data analysis, we identified 11 potential focus areas and prioritized the top three opportunities with management
  • For the top three priorities, we built detailed recommendations and supporting action plans focused on achieving near term EBITDA impact:
  • Pursue an aggressive and focused “Commercial Excellence” program to drive sales growth at large retailers and accountability from internal sales and manufacturer’s representatives
  • Clarify the company’s brand strategy for various sub-brands and how each product line should leverage the corporate name
  • Regain a leadership position in the company’s largest product category through targeted promotions, merchandising and a reinvigorated marketing campaign


  • Implementation of the action plan resulted in a substantial sales rebound from historic lows


Opportunity Prioritization Framework

Impact of Commercial Excellence Plan

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