Proprietary Tools and Approaches

We analyze a company from both internal and external viewpoints so we can rapidly identify improvement opportunities, prioritize them and assist with implementation. To understand the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s revenue engine, Blue Ridge Partners uses many proprietary tools and approaches including:

  • Top Line for B2B Revenue Engines®: a suite of structured assessment tools to enable rapid and broad-based identification, sizing, and prioritization of a business’s growth opportunities
  • The Data Probe: a set of approximately 25 fact-based analyses/charts that assess the overall performance of a sales and marketing organization. These analyses create new insights which can lead to improvement opportunities
  • The Nine Voices of the Market®: a methodology for gathering deep and relevant insights regarding the market, customer decision-making, customer needs and competitive positioning
  • Net Promoter Score© v2.0: a second generation approach for understanding customer behaviors and analyzing the drivers of customer loyalty (used in conjunction with The Nine Voices of the Market®)
  • 100 Behaviors of High Performing Revenue Engines: a tool for evaluating commercial effectiveness relative to a set of “better practices” we have observed from over 300 companies
  • Skill / Will Evaluator: a structured methodology for evaluating the capabilities of the individual sales representatives, sales managers and marketing team. This evaluation is completed relative to their existing skills, their willingness to apply their skills and their willingness to learn new ones
  • Opportunities For Growth: a structured methodology for identifying a company’s core markets and the potential growth areas adjacent to and beyond their core
  • Pricing Effectiveness Diagnostic: a tool focused on assessing a company’s Pricing Power and Pricing Capabilities for quickly identifying the specific areas that need improvement to maximize the effectiveness of pricing
  • Waves of Change: our approach to prioritizing and phasing-in a change program allowing the most important, foundational changes to be completed first and within a controllable change management program
  • Impact Assurance Program: our program for measuring and monitoring the impact achieved by our clients based on the recommendations we have developed together with them