What’s Wrong with the Sales Machine? – Overview

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Blue Ridge Partners’ Senior Managing Director Michael Smith’s first in a series of 4 articles on operationalizing the sales function addresses the all too frequent unsatisfactory sales performance and the difficulty CEOs have in finding remedies. Many CEOs feel there is something inherently uncontrollable about sales—that it is a “black box” and any attempt to operationalize this function will scare away the best salespeople and doom the company to poor financial results. Michael points out that gaining control of sales is not only possible, it is necessary for sustainable top-line performance. When the sales function is operationalized—as characterized by repeatable processes, a consistent management cadence, standardized toolsets, and a set of metrics that drive key business decisions—it can be managed far more effectively to achieve growth objectives, reducing a company’s risk profile. The first step is to understand where the company is on the sales maturity curve.

The article can be read here.

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