Communications Equipment Company

Situation and Challenge

  • The company was not achieving expected revenues from its new acquisition. EMEA markets were outperforming the US and APAC geographies but overall results were still disappointing.
  • Blue Ridge Partners was asked to assess the new acquisition’s marketing and sales approaches in the three geographies and identify opportunities to accelerate top line revenue growth


  • Conducted internal interviews with executives and sales teams to understand current revenue generation approaches, processes, tools and skills
  • Followed our The Nine Voices of the Market® approach for in-depth interviews with channel partners, prospects, current and recently lost customers to understand buyer values and processes and identify perceptions of the company’s offerings, key opportunities and potential challenges
  • Conducted intensive internal data analysis of sales and marketing performance, cost, revenue, margin and pipeline related data to measure the company’s effectiveness in attracting new customers and penetrating existing customers
  • Synthesized the information gathered and identified key insights:
    • Brand awareness is limited in all regions; marketing programs and spending are far below industry norms
    • The acquisition was not leveraging the parent’s global brand and strong industry positions to introduce its technology to new customers and enter “ripe” new industries
    • There were distinct differences in region sales approaches
      • EMEA aligned with the buyer process by using a branded strategy and VAR channels with strong sales operations support focused on lead generation programs and industry verticals
      • US and APAC does not align with typical buyer process; their focus on OEMs hinders brand recognition and creates competitors for distributors and VARs
    • Developed prioritized initiatives and a phased implementation plan focused on sales force effectiveness, industry and customer targeting, channel support and market brand awareness


  • After successful implementation in the US, the revised approach was rolled out to APAC.


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