Extensive Experience Within Six Industries

Actionable analyses, recommendations, and implementation plans

Business Services

Deep expertise with the following sectors

  • Equipment rental
  • HR services and staffing
  • Learning/education
  • Outsourcing firms (beyond HR)
  • Professional services
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Other providers of B2B services
Capturing Post-Merger Value from Commercial Integration: Part 3 Following best practices in the PMI execution Capturing Post-Merger Value from Commercial Integration: Part 3 Following best practices in the PMI execution

Improving revenue performance within the context of these market challenges

  • Identify and prioritize the most important growth markets, segments, products, channels and customers
  • Develop and execute a go-to-market model that is properly aligned against the priority growth opportunities
  • Improve the effectiveness of the sales, marketing, and customer service organizations
  • Shape the messages to each customer segment

Case Studies

Consumer Products and Retail

Current Challenges in the Industry:

  • Increased price transparency and product availability across channels now drive buyer purchase decisions
  • Sales are shifting to e-channels and local retailers
  • Increased input cost volatility prevents attaining expected margins
  • Retailers want significant trade investment and innovation from manufacturers

We help clients improve their performance in these areas

  • Rapid and agile evolution of go-to-market strategy and capabilities
  • Increased digital marketing, merchandising and selling skills
  • Strengthened integration of marketing, sales, finance and supply chain functions to address rapid planning, execution and course-correction
  • Agility and flexibility in adjusting channel strategies to address shifting and fluctuating consumer demand
  • Continuous focus on pricing and revenue growth management to ensure an optimal balance in volume/share, revenue and profit contribution growth
  • Use of predictive/prescriptive algorithms and advanced analytics to achieve predicable outcomes and understand drivers of profitable growth in an omni-channel world

Case Studies

Financial Services and Payments

We work with clients in the following sectors:

  • Consumer banking, finance, and mortgage companies
  • Payment card issuers, acquirers, gateways and networks
  • Payment service providers, processors, retailers and e-commerce companies
  • FinTechs, technology, and risk management service providers
  • Corporate and institutional banks, as well as public-sector financial entities
  • Wealth management, broker dealer, and asset management firms
  • Insurance companies and others in the benefits and payer-provider sectors
financials pointing up financials pointing up

We provide a tailored assistance in the following areas:

  • Market/customer insights and go-to-market growth strategy
  • Sales productivity and commercial effectiveness
  • Digital/mobile capability enhancement
  • Organizational and team performance enablement
  • Pricing analytics and optimization

Case Studies


Deep expertise with the following sectors

  • Diagnostics and laboratory services
  • Healthcare IT, data analytics, revenue cycle and other services,
  • Medical devices, equipment and suppliers
  • Non-acute facilities and providers
  • Other related sectors
Healthcare Healthcare

Providing a tailored assistance in the following areas:

  • Growth planning
  • Commercial effectiveness
  • Referral marketing
  • Market assessment and entry/penetration strategies
  • Channel partner management

Case Studies

Industrial Products and Services

We serve clients in a number of segments, including:

  • Building products
  • Engineered products
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Finishing and assembly
  • Paper and packaging
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Industrial services
  • Industrial distribution
  • Auto parts aftermarket
  • Utilities / Energy
Industrials Industrials

We help our clients with the following growth issues:

  • Identifying market forces that are changing the growth dynamics as well as the attractiveness of markets and segments
  • Entering new market spaces to expand the core at the right time
  • Managing offerings, pricing, service levels, and sales efforts across segments to optimize profitability
  • Understanding the “sweet spot” in the market and competitive position by listening to customers and other market participants
  • Optimizing channels and sales approaches to cost effectively address key customer segments
  • Building sales skills to create a high-performing sales organization
  • Creating strong linkages between sales and marketing, especially to ensure a steady stream of new leads and customers

Case Studies

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

We serve clients in a number of segments, including:

  • Analytics/data businesses
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data center/ cloud and managed services
  • IT professional and managed services/VARS/distributors
  • Media – publishers, advertising, omnichannel, programmatic
  • Software/SaaS
  • Technology and web-centric businesses and services
  • Technology services
  • Telecommunications/UCaaS/ CCaaS– wireline, wireless, satellite

We offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Altered paths in the customer journey
  • Omnichannel buying
  • Internet of Things
  • Transparency of vendors, third-party metric aggregators, and social media
  • Predictive analytics
  • SaaS pricing challenges
  • Growth complexities

Case Studies