Blue Ridge Partners/Commercial Insurance Broker Case Study

Commercial Insurance Broker Case Study

Restructuring the sales organization, developing a sales playbook, and improving branch management effectiveness allowed the company to leverage its leadership position.

Situation and Challenge

  • Through industry consolidation, this large, European independent insurance broker was in a leadership position but was unsure how to capitalize on it
  • Blue Ridge Partners was asked to perform an assessment of the broker’s sales organization and identify opportunities to leverage its leadership position and accelerate revenue growth
Limited New Business Development Talent


  • Conducted in-depth assessment of internal brokers including numerous in-person broker field visits
  • Performed a Skill/Will analysis of account executives and new business development executives to identify strengths and gaps
  • Mapped distribution of hunters versus farmers in the sales force
  • Analyzed market penetration rates across sample broker geographies
  • Performed account executive and development executive compensation analysis
  • Performed The Nine Voices of the Market® interviews to better understand the external market perspective and the client’s current value proposition
  • Developed a series of solutions for identified opportunity areas
Projected Initiatives Income Bridge


  • A new team-based approach and additional resources to support new business development activities led to increased new revenues
  • A new standard playbook and tools provide improved branch management effectiveness and enabled management of behaviors in addition to results
  • Aligning compensation incentives and bonus structures with business goals provided sufficient incentive for sales reps to drive to the next level
  • Coordinated best practices lead generation activities across branches ensured a healthy pipeline of high-quality prospects
  • Closing delivery gaps in offering value propositions provided brokers a differentiated service to sell
May 20, 2022