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Our Services Accelerate Revenue Growth


Revenue Growth Strategy

Using our proprietary methodologies, we help clients define their revenue growth strategy, including strategic actions and tactical improvements in execution.

  • Market Assessment
  • Competitor Position Analysis
  • Internal Capability Assessment
  • Opportunities to Play and Opportunities to Win
  • Growth Plans Inside and Outside the Core

Commercial Effectiveness

Growth requires strong and reliable execution across an organization’s functions: sales, marketing, and customer service.

  • Go-to-market model
  • Talent, motivation, and culture
  • Sales processes and tools
  • Field marketing
  • Sales enablement and operation
  • Sales management
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Pricing Optimization

Pricing is one of the most impactful profit levers a company can pull. Our clients often achieve 300 to 600 basis points or more of margin improvement.

Our pricing team tackles three key questions:

  • How do you identify the right price?
  • How do you ensure customers pay that price?
  • How do you sustain and improve pricing performance?

Transaction support

Blue Ridge Partners offers transaction support throughout the life cycle of an investment including:

  • Market Due Diligence
  • Go-to-market Due Diligence
  • 100-day Planning
  • Post-merger Integration
  • Exit Planning

Our approach at each stage is unique and goes beyond the basics. For example, our commercial due diligence engagements include an assessment of a company’s ability to actually execute their go to market plan.