In the Detail of Sales Execution, “How” Matters

In his earlier article “Why Can’t Good Companies Grow Faster?”, Kevin Kennedy identified 15 choice points in sales operations that are instrumental in creating value. When their execution at these points is misaligned, the result is under-performance of expectations and disappointing growth. The primary difference between the two lies in maintaining alignment between the intent […]

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What is Wrong with the Sales Machine – Making Change Stick

In the final installment of his series on operationalizing sales, Michael Smith covers the need for cultural change. Company culture is ultimately what drives long-term change and continuous improvement through the stages of sales maturity. Change that sticks comes from deep within a team, from managers and front-line employees who are bought in to the […]

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Unleashing the Power of Frontline Sales Management

Most companies neglect the most powerful lever in their arsenal: their front-line, field-level sales managers who directly coach, influence and guide sales reps on a daily basis. This group has the potential to drive significant growth and is the key to improving nearly every aspect of sales team performance, yet it is usually overlooked – […]

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