Blue Ridge Partners/Colocation and Data Center Provider Case Study

Colocation and Data Center Provider Case Study

Revised go-to-market organization model, new value proposition, enhanced lead generation process and standardized sales process, and management playbooks boosted revenue.

Situation and Challenge

  • A colocation and data center provider was experiencing difficulty achieving market penetration after having recently expanded into a new geography with a new product offering
  • Senior leadership asked Blue Ridge Partners to objectively assess the market opportunity and go-to-market approach (GTM), identify improvements, and develop an implementation plan
  • After approving the recommendations, senior management asked us to assist in the implementation
New Regional Go-to-Market Organization Model


  • Evaluated the addressable market size and dynamics to provide insight into the desirability of targeted market segments and geographies
  • Conducted comprehensive interviews with internal stakeholders, channel partners, and external market participants to understand the company’s competitive position and its value proposition to buyer values
  • Assessed the effectiveness of the company’s current GTM model and sales and marketing capabilities, including both direct and partner sales channels, lead generation and qualification, selling processes, quota setting, and training
  • Developed an optimized GTM approach and identified gaps and new capabilities required to execute the new sales model, including people, key sales processes, sales operations, and technology enhancements, new management approaches, and revamped value propositions
  • Established a project management office (PMO), comprised of the company’s top executives, to regularly discuss our findings and their implications for implementation
  • Utilized the PMO, managed by Blue Ridge Partners, to track implementation progress, create ownership and accountability of work streams, ensure persistent progress and circumvent any roadblocks in designing and rolling out the new sales process
PMO Implementation Dashboard Excerpt


  • The aggressive GTM implementation timeline was met and the plan was successfully executed
  • The new organizational model and value proposition have resonated with customers, boosting revenue and generating increased brand awareness in the targeted geographies
  • The dedicated lead generation process has increased efficiency and improved communication between sales and marketing while removing bottlenecks
  • The company has standardized its sales approach, using Blue Ridge Partners-designed playbooks to guide its recruiting, account planning, quota setting, and sales management practices
  • Production from channel partners has increased with the new segmented channel strategy and relationship management processes
January 20, 2021