Blue Ridge Partners/Specialty Chemicals Distributor Case Study

Specialty Chemicals Distributor Case Study

Sales function analysis and market insights identified six initiatives to generate nearly 75% organic growth in the next five years.

Situation and Challenge

  • Growth in the company’s 5 geographically-segmented divisions had historically come through the acquisition of new supplier lines
  • Management was now looking to drive organic growth and hypothesized that there were multiple sales force-related growth levers that remained untapped
  • Blue Ridge Partners was asked to identify high-potential organic growth levers and to develop an action plan to capture perceived opportunities


  • With an open-ended directive, we used a hypothesis-driven approach to uncover opportunities
  • Developed a focused list of hypotheses based on internal interviews
  • Conducted The Nine Voices of the Market ®interviews with current and lost customers and competitors to identify additional areas of opportunity based on their perspectives and determine response to potential recommended changes
  • Analyzed internal financial and sales information, including territory data, time allocation, cross-selling, pipeline performance, and compensation to test and further refine hypotheses
  • Conducted ‘ride-along’ of certain members of the organization to gain a deeper understanding of growth inhibitors
  • After identifying promising areas of opportunity, we developed an action plan including supporting technical/system support requirements to both close gaps that inhibited growth and bolster areas with high potential


  • The projected impact of the recommended changes for the six initiatives was nearly 75% organic growth over a 5-year period or an average CAGR of 12%

August 25, 2021