Blue Ridge Partners/Revenue Cycle Management Solutions Case Study

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions Case Study

Improvements in pricing disciplines, customer engagement, internal functions coordination, and sales practices yielded substantial revenue improvement in the next two years.

Situation and Challenge

  • Company management faced lagging growth and believed external pressures and internal inefficiencies were contributors to the poor performance
  • The CEO asked Blue Ridge Partners to identify opportunities to grow profitable revenue within a key business unit
Transaction Pricing Discount Analysis


  • Utilized the 100 Behaviors of High Performing Revenue Engines™ diagnostic to identify specific areas of weakness
  • Highlighted four focus areas: pricing, cross-selling, sales force effectiveness, and customer attrition where improvements would boost growth
  • Mapped transaction prices against volume sales for various product combinations to identify shortfalls in the pricing discipline
  • Deployed teams of pricing and product experts to engage critical customers prior to contract expiration and defend against price erosion or volume attrition
  • Created logical, profitable solution bundles and defined cross-product/cross-business unit value propositions to aid in cross-selling
  • Realigned sales force resources and incentives to encourage the sale of a key product into untapped large and middle market accounts
  • Formalized sales processes and improved training, tools, and collateral materials to increase sales force productivity
  • Eliminated gaps in communication between the sales and operations/IT teams that resulted in the setting of unrealistic customer expectations and eventual cancellation of sold business
Map of Communication Breakdowns


  • Implementing the recommendations yielded an additional $40 million in revenue over the following 2 years
May 20, 2022