Blue Ridge Partners/Fleet Payment Solutions Provider Case Study

Fleet Payment Solutions Provider Case Study

Timely response to previously unsuspected areas of customer dissatisfaction reversed growth decline.

Situation and Challenge

  • The company experienced negative revenue growth due, they believed, to external market conditions
  • We were asked to research the needs and satisfaction of key market segments to develop strategies for curbing revenue decline and achieving sustainable growth
Customer Service Satisfaction Levels


  • Used our The Nine Voices of the Market ® methodology for in-depth interviews with existing and lost customers, prospects, and competitor’s customers to understand their experience with the company, gain perspectives on the company’s products and services and identify unmet needs.
  • Performed intensive internal data analysis and external benchmarking to understand headwinds and tailwinds to revenue growth
  • Conducted executive and cross-functional interviews and workshops to develop a comprehensive picture of the company’s growth opportunities
  • Identified focus areas to accelerate revenue growth, spanning customer service, sales force effectiveness, product development, and delivery, positioning, and communication
External Market Trends and Offering Segments


  • Revised internal organization to provide enhanced product delivery and customer service to combat a key contributor to revenue decline – customer dissatisfaction
  • Clarified communications and sales strategies around the fuel management value proposition and adopted a more proactive stance around sales and advisory services
  • Focused short-term on product development to meet customer needs identified in key market segments
  • Initiated additional reporting/analytic products and services and improved systems interfaces and data integration to position the company for long-term growth and leadership
May 20, 2022