Blue Ridge Partners/National Provider of Interventional Radiology Services Case Study

National Provider of Interventional Radiology Services Case Study

Created a growth plan to increase traditional service revenues by 10% in the first year and newer procedures by ten times in three years.

Situation and Challenge

  • Identify opportunities to help Company win back share from competitors in its traditional service line
  • Provide management action plan to drastically accelerate expansion into new procedure types


  • Performed detailed market analysis to identify drivers for existing referral patterns
    • Estimated market size and growth trends
    • Conducted phone interviews with existing and potential referrers to assess 1) referral criteria, 2) familiarity with clinical procedures and client
    • Mapped patient flows in two test markets and identified opportunity points
  • Assessed internal processes and performance to identify strengths and improvement areas relative to referral marketing best practices
Referral Likelihood by Dialysis Center

Key Tools

  • Characteristics of High Performing Physician Referral Organizations Framework
    • Conducted diagnosis to benchmark current sales and marketing activities, tools, and resources against best practices
  • Market and Competitor Assessment
    • In-depth assessment of two local market areas to understand patient flow by referral path and opportunity points
  • Customer behavior segmentation to prioritize targeting and sales efforts
  • The Nine Voices of the Market®
    • Conducted 40-50 interviews with  referring and non-referring physicians to understand referral criteria, market receptivity, and referral potential by specialty and demographics

Insights Led to Action

  • Prioritized list of accounts to target to win back share
  • Specific recommendations to improve Company’s expansion results include:
    • Sales Playbook detailing the most effective processes to be adopted by the organization (e.g., referral pipeline and sales force management)
    • Recommendations for required sales tools
    • Specific action steps to involve other parts of the organization (e.g., physicians and operations)
  • Detailed implementation plan including required activities, ownership, and timeline
Estimated Financial Impact for New Procedure Types


  • Growth plan to increase revenues for traditional services and newer procedure types
    • Traditional service line by over 10% in the first year
    • Newer procedures by 2x in the first year and 10x within three years
August 18, 2021