Global Credit Card Company

Situation and Challenge

  • The company was losing share to competitors across all geographies
  • We were asked to identify causes and recommend actions to reverse the downturn.


  • Researched recently completed competitive opportunities and interviewed decision-makers at issuers to understand reasons why the client won and why they lost to competitors
  • Analyzed the company’s lead generation and business development processes to identify performance gaps
  • Identified the need for a preemptive approach for lead development at large-market and high-value industry multinationals to avoid RFP price competition. In our research, issuers had universally encouraged independent lead development as the primary way to “lock in” brand selection


  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive model for lead generation, prioritization, tracking, and nurturing that provided a needed focus for the business development function
  • Introduced a new “market intelligence research” based approach to lead generation for high value issuers
    • The approach was successfully tested in APAC and then rolled-out to EMEA and the Americas
    • ‘Blind’ market research identified key unmet needs and pain points of existing issuer programs
    • Leveraging this account intelligence brought subtly customized and more compelling sales inquiries to the market
    • Account intelligence gathered enabled more customized nurturing of the leads on an ongoing basis
  • Pipeline value increased substantially without relying on RFP processes

Lead Management Framework

Market Research Lead Generation Approach Impact

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