Blue Ridge Partners Releases Report on CEO and Operating Partner Surveys

May 10, 2018

During March and April, Blue Ridge Partners surveyed CEOs of private equity owned portfolio companies on a variety of topics. We also asked operating partners a similar set of questions to compare responses with those of the CEOs. Insights gained from analyzing the surveys were reported by Jim Corey, Managing Partner of Blue Ridge Partners at the PEI Operating Partner Forum in London on May 8. There was strong alignment on business improvement priorities for 2018/2019. However, the survey highlighted the existence of friction in the relationship. Both CEOs and operating partners offered meaningful advice for making their working relationship more productive. Many of the responses followed a common theme: trust is essential, the operating partners should empower the senior leadership team and be mindful not to undermine them, and there should be clear rules of engagement and communication. The complete report can be seen here. The press release can be read here.

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