100-Day Planning

There are five keys to making sure a 100-day planning effort is successful relative to accelerating revenue growth:

  1. Know the answer to key questions about the business that establish the foundation for stronger revenue growth.100DayPlans1
  2. Ensure that the most important drivers of future growth have been identified and prioritized
  3. Clearly define responsibilities, timelines and, most importantly, measurable milestones and targets
  4. Decide whether to be outcome or practice focused:
    Outcome focus requires defined outcomes and allows employees to work toward them with high-level guidelines on their tactical approaches—appropriate when changes are incremental or personnel are experienced. Staff members can and should be held accountable for achieving certain targeted outcomes, not for adherence to methods
    or practices.
    Practice focus requires certain behaviors and actions that are expected to produce the desired results—appropriate when required changes are radical or personnel are inexperienced. Personnel are primarily held accountable for executing the right actions to implement new behaviors.
  5. Obtain management ownership and support for the objectives and expectations