We help companies grow faster.

Using pragmatic approaches, our consultants focus exclusively on accelerating profitable revenue growth - the primary driver of value creation.

  • Our Differentiators

    • Single focus — revenue growth
    • New market insights through the customer’s lens
    • Measurable results, not just reports
    • Short, impactful projects
    • Track record for delivering results

The Blue Ridge team worked side-by-side with management to urgently move against the actions needed to capitalize on the growth opportunities facing the company."

CEO, Genetic Testing Company

All Too Common Failings in Sales Management

Chris Dent identifies three common failings we see all too often in our work with client sales organizations and identifies proven approaches for successfully curing these failings.

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Growing Beyond the Core

In an article published by CEO.com, Managing Director Tory Ramaker presents a three-step approach for assessing adjacent market opportunities to quickly identify those a company should pursue.

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