Distributor of Flow Control Products

Situation and Challenge

  • The company was a roll-up of acquisitions, comprised of 8 independent regional divisions that each sold similar, but unique sub-sets of flow control products to local companies across a wide range of industries
  • The company experienced declining revenue over the past year
  • Owners and senior management asked Blue Ridge Partners to identify the areas of weakness in the business, develop a prioritized list of initiatives to improve performance, and develop an implementation plan to guide execution of these initiatives


  • Aggregated and analyzed sales and customer data to highlight areas of business strength and weakness
  • Interviewed senior management, outside sales reps and technical sales personnel to understand how they face off against the market, approach the selling process and interface with customers
  • Evaluated the company’s existing revenue engine using our 100 Behaviors of High Performing Revenue Engines™
  • Performed a Skill / Will evaluation of outside sales reps to understand the strengths and opportunities for improvement of the existing sales reps across divisions
  • Conducted market interviews of customers to assess the Company’s value proposition and customer buying behaviors
  • Synthesized our findings and developed prioritized initiatives including:
    • Restructure sales rep organization and teaming approach to align with redefined customer segmentation
    • Develop centralized back office functions to provide more customer-facing sales time
    • Improve sales compensation scheme to incent growth behavior
    • Significantly upgrade sales management organization and skill level
  • Created a transition timeline to guide management in implementing the suggested changes over the next two years


  • The client implemented the recommended expansion of sales management and a new compensation plan focusing on growth
  • The restructuring of the sales rep organization and creation of specialized teams to focus on projects with long selling cycles or small / under-served customers is underway


Summary Assessment of Sales Function

Revised Sales Organization to Align Skills and Focus on Customer Segments.

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