eLearning Solutions Provider

Situation and Challenge

  • After expanding share with existing customers and adding new customers, new business growth at this eLearning Solutions provider stalled; only 40% of cold prospects were being reached
  • Blue Ridge Partners was asked to diagnose the obstacles in winning new business, develop and pilot the required changes, and then rollout company-wide.


  • Performed outside-in and inside-out analysis by interviewing prospects and lost prospects, sales reps, and sales managers
  • Analyzed new business results and costs by sales rep and sales manager
  • Designed new sales process for prospecting new accounts from best practices analysis of internal and external research
    • Account List Identification
    • Preliminary Research
    • Prospecting Tactics
    • Message Customization
    • Lead Nurturing
  • Analyzed potential addressable market
  • Designed new organization structure to capture market opportunity and streamline sales management
  • Piloted new processes, organization structure, roles, and metrics in 3 of 20 regions for 4 months
  • Rolled out company-wide at start of new fiscal year


  • Launched a new Business Development team to assist sales reps with prospecting cold accounts
  • After one quarter of results, the pilot regions performed significantly better than other regions on all metrics
  • 78% of cold prospects in the pilot were reached and had initial sales discussions within 7 months of pilot launch
  • New business revenue for the pilot accounts is ahead of plan

Marketing Development Associate Structure

Sales Rep Process

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