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Situation and Challenge

Company wanted to accelerate profitable growth by identifying and realizing its most attractive opportunities in a complex market environment:

  • High market share and falling growth rate in core products
  • Emerging products struggling to gain traction against powerful, entrenched competitors
  • Market significantly disrupted by the financial crisis – substantial customer business model and regulatory changes with competitive information providers moving into each other’s core markets
  • Coverage model not optimally aligned with market opportunity


  • Built Share of Wallet (SoW) estimation tool covering core and emerging products for every customer
    • Developed customer and product axes at appropriate level of disaggregation and populated with existing sales data
    • Determined demand drivers for each industry sector and estimated total spend for each client in each product
  • Used SoW tool to identify and prioritize most attractive growth opportunities
    • Refined and detailed new go-to-market model for each U.S. market sector – developed  optimal coverage approach, organization framework, roles and skill profiles and performance metrics
    • Identified and quantified both customer and product-level “reducers” of demand
    • Developed heat maps to visually represent the opportunity concentration by product and market sector
  • Used our The Nine Voices of the Market® methodology to collect internal and external information – allocation of revenue between products; identification of demand drivers and reducers; and, validation of customer growth opportunities
  • Applied our Skill/ Will™ tool to assess Hunter/ Farmer/ Hybrid characteristic distribution of salesforce
  • Redesigned sales coverage model to align with the opportunities identified
    • Quantified the new organization framework by sizing the solution including the share of wallet/ revenue aspiration and coverage model by segment
    • Sized the resource requirements


  • Found large number of attractive, under-penetrated customers/ prospects
  • Significant growth opportunities remained in core products despite high market share
  • Revised sales organization, investment in new sales coverage model, improved incentive programs and focus on identified sector and product growth opportunities led to significant incremental revenue
  • Company was positioned for a successful exit by its private equity sponsors

Sector and Product Growth Potential

Revised Coverage Model

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