Steel Service Center

Situation and Challenge

  • In a mature, commoditized market. The company was experiencing a period of declining revenues and reduced margins.
  • The company asked us to assess their current sales approaches, processes, tools and skills in each of the four operating business and identify opportunities for accelerating top line revenue growth


  • We reviewed and analyzed current revenue generation strategies and approaches, processes, tools and skills
  • Followed our The Nine Voices of the Market® methodology with prospects, current customers and recently lost customers to research perceptions of each operating business’ performance, product and service offerings, key opportunities and potential challenges
  • Performed a deep internal data probe of revenue, margin and pipeline related data to identify and isolate key performance drivers and measure the company’s effectiveness in attracting new customers and penetrating existing customers
  • Our pricing analysis demonstrated that segmenting the customer base and better understanding underlying buyer values allows for a differentiated pricing strategy to maximize margin opportunities
  • Understanding sales and margin concentration analyses allows a sales team to focus its scarce resources on the right customers


Our findings led to improvements in sales force effectiveness, pricing strategy and customer portfolio optimization – all leading to increased revenues and margins

  • Due to significant performance variances found across sales reps, outsides sales teams were realigned according to “hunter” and “farmer” skill sets; inside sales roles were specialized to optimize activities requiring unique skill sets; an improved suite of sales tools were provided to the sales team
  • Created standard pricing guidelines, controls and tools to minimize variance across sales reps and maximize margin opportunities
  • Based on our pricing analysis, the customer base was segmented on based on a better understanding of buyer values allowing for differentiated pricing strategies and improved margins
  • Developed and implemented a total cost to serve model allowing the company to evaluate the strategic and economic value of bottom deciles of customers based on their growth potential and overall value to the business





Revenue and Margin by Sales Rep

Pricing by Customer Purchasing Behavior

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