Toxicology Laboratory

Situation and Challenge

  • The sales force was struggling to maintain existing revenue growth after many successful years
  • After a history of downward revisions to their quarterly forecasts, the company was considering a new sales model
  • The company asked Blue Ridge Partners to conduct an in-depth diagnostic of the proposed sales model to assess whether it strategically and economically fit with customer expectations, internal capabilities and service offering


  • Interviewed key internal stakeholders and a representative sample of sales representatives and account managers
  • Performed data analysis around current revenue, customer segmentation, sales rep, territory charting, sales activity and workload and compensation modeling
  • Followed our The Nine Voices of the Market ®interview methodology with existing customers, lost customers and prospects in the company’s target market to assess perceptions of the company and the proposed approach
  • Used our 100 Behaviors of High Performing Revenue EnginesTManalysis to compare the proposed new sales approach to best practices, benchmarks and frameworks we have compiled in our client work
  • We identified key issues, concerns and risks – including significant problems with goal setting, sales processes, accountability and compensation – and developed the detailed processes, supporting technical/system support requirements and communication/ implementation plans for the new sales model


  • Immediately following this project, performance was up 5% over plan


Distribution of Reps by % of Goal Achieved

Sales Model Improvements

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