Business Services


Our Business Services practice team works with companies providing diverse services to other commercial enterprises.  Examples include professional firms, business process outsourcers, marketing and advertising companies, staffing and recruiting organizations, equipment and service rental firms, education and training providers, transportation and logistics companies, office supplies and equipment purveyors, environmental and sanitation services providers, and other providers of B2B services.

Many companies providing such business services face significant challenges related to revenue growth— How do they generate sufficient leads to grow a strong revenue pipeline?  How do they effectively penetrate and expand their existing customer relationships? How can customers be cross sold other services? Do they have the right go-to-market model to effectively pursue the market opportunity?  Is their sales force highly effective?  How should their services be priced? How can they create “sticky” revenue and annuity revenue streams? Do they optimize channel partner relationships?

As these companies seek to raise their game to match the challenging selling environment, they need to

  • Identify and prioritize their most important revenue growth market, segments, products, channels and customers
  • Develop and execute a go-to-market model that is properly aligned against the priority market and revenue growth opportunities
  • Improve the effectiveness of the sales, marketing and account management organizations
  • Shape their messages to each customer segment
  • Find ways to deal with customer back pressure on pricing

Leveraging our proprietary tools and experience we quickly identify the most pragmatic steps for improving revenue performance within the context of these market challenges.  Our suggestions can then be implemented, either by the company or with our help, to create significant impact in the areas of lead generation, win rate, customer retention, cross selling and pricing.

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