Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Rapid change characterizes all sectors of the technology industry. Competitive pressures and innovation force technology businesses to change at a breakneck pace.

  • Innovation yields new architectures, products, and services
  • New markets and customers emerge
  • Evolving customer behaviors create new challenges
  • Products and services mature rapidly, bringing the pressures of commoditization and proliferation of low-cost competition
  • Suppliers and distributors may quickly develop into competitors via alternative digital channels, causing further disruption and uncertainty

Protecting and growing profitable revenues in this environment requires an exceptional awareness of the external market, a willingness to continually examine and modify go-to-market strategies. It also requires an agile internal structure responsive to the modifications needed in sales and marketing practices.

We help our technology clients address these issues to establish and maintain profitable revenue growth in the ever challenging tech sector. We have broad and deep experience in analyzing current performance, listening to the market to garner actionable insights and providing guidance for analyzing, implementing or modifying strategies as the market changes. Our proprietary tools and methodologies provide frameworks for rapidly identifying and implementing needed changes to organizations, programs and practices.

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